BTS’s “ARMY With LETTER” Box Has Been Demolished

This BTS hotspot no longer exists.

All good things must come to an end, but watching them go can be bittersweet.


Last month, this pink letter box was erected at Seoul Marina Square for the BTS Weverse event “ARMY with LETTER”. From July 17 to August 4, ARMYs were invited to contribute to the longest BTS fan letter in the world.


For a short time, the box became a tourist hotspot for ARMYs, who took photos of its exterior and the continuous letter being printing inside it.


Even BTS themselves stopped by. On August 3, the second last day of the event, BTS made a surprise visit to write messages for fans.


Four days later, the “ARMY with LETTER” box is, sadly, no more. A fan snapped photos as the demolition was taking place. The first photo shows the stairs, surrounded by debris and broken glass.


The second photo, which shows part of ARMY’s letter, has caused some heartache and confusion. Without context, the letter appears abandoned, but according to the original poster, that wasn’t the case.


The staff was merely in the process of rolling up the paper when the photo was taken.

The staff were rolling the letter outside despite the scorching heat. On top of that, they were also super nice. I was taking a photo and they asked if it came out well.. I told them I was surprised by how fast they wrapped up and they responded saying the wrapping up part is fast. They continued to have a conversation with us.. They were working so hard I wanted to buy them something to drink but the soda cans at the convenience stores were 4,000 won each so I gave upㅋㅋ I thanked them for their hard work and am leaving now.. I wonder if I should have given them rice cakes at least…

— Fan


Even though the “ARMY with LETTER” box couldn’t stay forever, its memory–and its letter–will be cherished for years to come.


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