BTS’s Jin Teases ARMYs About Growing His Muscles And Absolutely No One’s Complaining

Okay, Jin!

BTS‘s Jin is known for both his stunning visuals and model-like physique.

ARMYs everywhere can’t help but fall for his wide shoulders and slender build. However, he recently teased the possibility of bulking up — and everyone is on board with the idea!

Jin recently posted a photo of his shadow’s silhouette on Weverse where he looked particularly bulked up.

| Weverse

While the shape of the shadow was due to his clothes, Jin took into consideration how he could make it a reality!

If I grow my muscles, I’ll look like this, right?

— Jin

| Weverse

If Jin wants to bulk up even more…

…not a single ARMY will tell him otherwise!

| Weverse

Only time will tell what’s in store in the future for Mr. Worldwide Handsome’s physique!

Check out all of BTS’s muscles below!

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