SBS’s “All The Butlers” Members Mourn Lee Seung Gi’s Departure From The Show

Will Lee Seung Gi return?

Lee Seung Gi‘s long-time co-stars on SBS‘s All The Butlers expressed how much they missed the star.

All The Butlers season 2 poster | SBS

On the January 1 episode of SBS’s All The Butlers, members Yang Se Chan and Eun Ji Won revealed that Lee Seung Gi has left the program.

Eun Ji Won (left) and Yang Se Chan (middle) | SBS

On this day, the program’s producers asked the members to greet audiences with a New Years’ cheer. Yang Se Chan is then seen asking, “Who should lead the greeting?” to which Doyoung stated that Yang Se Chan should.


In the end, however, Yang Se Chan is seen struggling with the show’s opening dialogue before yelling Lee Seung Gi’s name and stating that none of the members were able to lead the program like Lee Seung Gi.

No one (here) is able to host this program.

— Yang Se Chan

Eun Ji Won then tried to pick his members’ spirits up, stating that it was important for the members to keep the program if Lee Seung Gi was to return.

We have to do well while Seung Gi’s gone so that he can return.

— Eun Ji Won

Lee Seung Gi left All The Butlers after it was revealed his former label, HOOK Entertainment, stole millions of dollars from the star. HOOK Entertainment was the production company for the show’s first season. All The Butlers has since stated that they respected Lee Seung Gi’s decision to leave and that they are still hoping that the superstar returns.

We will resume filming with the current members while waiting for Lee Seung Gi (to return). Although we do not know when he will return, managers and the production staff are hoping Lee Seung Gi, who is suffering, finds a resolution and returns soon.

All The Butlers production team

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