Agency Of Celebrity Who “Forced” Hwang Hana To Use Meth Responds To Accusations

The agency made a statement.

Hwang Hana previously claimed that she had stopped using methamphetamine for 3 years before she was “forced” to use again by a celebrity friend.

The celebrity friend’s identity has yet to be revealed. The only facts known about the friend is that they are a close friend of Hwang Hana who was also at the scene of the crime when she used illegal drugs.

The police are currently looking for substantial evidence to charge the celebrity friend.

“We are currently in the collection phase to find evidence that will allow us to charge [the celebrity friend]. We are investigating as fast as we can.”

— Police

Although the celebrity’s identity has yet to be revealed, news reporters were able to contact their agency. The agency responded to the accusations claiming that they cannot make an official statement until more information comes to light.

“We are uncertain of what’s going on with the investigation so we cannot say anything yet.”

— Celebrity’s Agency

Although netizens are suspecting a variety of celebrities to be Hwang Hana’s accused friend, nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Hwang Hana being arrested for illegal drug use.

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