Hwang Hana Says She Was Forced To Use Meth By Her Celebrity Friend

A celebrity friend forced her to use it.

In an exclusive report by SBS, they have revealed more details on Hwang Hana’s suspected drug usage from 2015. She was recently arrested on charges of drug distribution and use, and has admitted to the charges made against her.

We admit to the charges of drug use. She did wrong.

— Hwang Hana’s legal counsel

The report revealed that Hwang Hana had been using Philopon, also known as methamphetamines, in 2015. She then stopped using them for 3 years, until late 2018.

“She first started using Philopon in 2015. She used it in the Spring and Summer [of that year]. She also used it when she was in Busan.”

— Hwang Hana’s legal counsel

The reason she began using drugs again after 3 years was due to a celebrity friend identified as “A”, who persuaded her to start again. It was also revealed that Hwang Hana wanted to stop using drugs in 2018 after being persuaded to by “A”, but “A” forced her to keep using them.

In 2018 she started to use Philopon again at the orders of her celebrity friend. She said that she did not want to use it anymore, but “A” forced her to keep using it.

— Hwang Hana’s legal counsel

Her legal counsel has also denied that she sold and distributed meth. Hwang Hana has been suspected of receiving preferential treatment back in 2016 when police first investigated her for illegal drug usage.

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