Hwang Hana Additionally Accused Of Distributing Illegal Sex Videos

There are allegedly at least 4 victims.

Hwang Hana has been accused of distributing illegal sex videos in addition to her controversial drug case.

A netizen recently shared a social media post stating that they received four reports claiming that Hwang Hana distributed illegal sex videos. The post included screenshots of Hwang Hana’s KakaoTalk chat conversation.

The netizen is apparently someone who has been collecting reports and information in relation to Hwang Hana’s recent controversy.


According to the alleged KakaoTalk conversation between Hwang Hana and her friend, Hwang suddenly uploaded a sex video of an unknown person. According to the informant who sent in the report, the video was of a woman who was dancing naked, looking as if she were drugged.


The netizen who exposed the information stated that there were numerous victims and that he or she received reports about the issue from four informants.

There aren’t just one or two victims. I’ve received four reports already. I haven’t received any contact from the victims themselves but the people who suddenly received the sex videos of strangers were disconcerted, which is why they reported it to me. There are definitely numerous victims of these videos.

ㅡ Netizen


If these claims turn out to be true, Hwang could be sentenced up to 5 years in prison and up to a 30M KRW fine.


Meanwhile, Hwang Hana, who was suspected of receiving special treatment by the police, has been arrested on the afternoon of April 4. The arrest took place at the Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang where she was being hospitalized.

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