CEO Of SM Entertainment Reveals Red Velvet Irene’s Future Plans Following Bad Attitude Controversy

“Red Velvet faced a controversy recently.” — CEO Lee Sung Soo

CEO Lee Sung Soo of SM Entertainment recently appeared on the live broadcast, COMEUP 2020 where he talked about Red Velvet‘s Irene‘s recent controversy and revealed her future plans as an idol.


Irene was recently under controversy after multiple stylists and other staff claimed that she has a bad attitude when working with those around her.

While more and more people continued to either support or refute the claims, Irene released a formal apology acknowledging her wrongdoing.


And while introducing the idol groups that have represented SM Entertainment from the past until now, CEO Lee Sung Soo put up a photo of Red Velvet and spoke up on the matter.

He acknowledged that they faced some controversy lately.

Red Velvet faced a controversy recently.

— Lee Sung Soo

And regarding the incident, he mentioned that the agency already made a sincere apology.

Regarding that, we made a sincere apology.

— Lee Sung Soo

He then went on to reveal Irene’s future plans with the group under SM Entertainment.

Red Velvet is planning to return as more mature versions of themselves.

— Lee Sung Soo

Fingers crossed for a sound comeback!

Source: Insight

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