Figure Skater Cha Jun Hwan Becomes A Model For OMEGA Watches And Proves That Manifestation Does Work

He wants it, he got it.

As the saying goes, if you wish hard for something, it will come true! Figure skater Cha Jun Hwan‘s rising popularity saw him go on multiple variety and news shows. Many wanted to know more about him after he finished 5th place at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

During a segment in MMTG, he explained that his outfit and routine signified the running of time. He had skated to the song “Fate Of The Clockmaker.” His outfit also had details to embody the clock’s rounded shape.

Cha Jun Hwan’s portrayal of a clock on his figure skating outfit at the 2022 Olympics. | KONNECT/YouTube

As he had beautifully embodied the concept of time, Cha Jun Hwan had cheekily asked watch companies to call him for endorsement deals. He specifically named Rolex and Tag Heuer in particular.

Cha Jun Hwan comically asking watch companies to call him. (Caption: “Call me, I’ll be waiting.”)

Now, it looks like his wish came true! Manifesting at its finest. In the ARENA HOMME‘s April spread, Cha Jun Hwan was selected to model for the famous watchmaker, OMEGA. While it’s not Rolex or Tag Heuer that he mentioned, OMEGA is still a very prestigious luxury watch brand!

Cha Jun Hwan modeling OMEGA for ARENA HOMME’s April edition. | ARENA HOMME

Paying homage to his Olympic “Fate Of The Clockmaker” routine, he incorporated some of the same moves from his routine into the advertisement. He also donned a similar outfit from his time at the Olympics, looking stunning as usual in an all-black ensemble.

Cha Jun Hwan modeling OMEGA for ARENA HOMME’s April edition. | ARENA HOMME

His expertise with his body helped him to showcase the watch in a variety of poses. He spun as gracefully as he does on the ice, waving his wrist to show off the glittering watch.


If only all our wishes came true as easily as his did! The true embodiment of “if I want it, I got it!


Although he’s only 20 years old, Cha Jun Hwan has made history in the Korean figure skating world. Not only does he continually go viral for his stunning looks, signature hairstyles, and undeniable talent, he’s one of the top 10 male figure skaters in the world! He’s won medals on medals, and most notably, recently won gold at the 2022 Continents Championships.

Cha Jun Hwan at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. | Herald Korea

Cha Jun Hwan proves with hard work and dedication, manifestations do come true! Check out the full video of Cha Jun Hwan’s manifestation in the upcoming ARENA HOMME edition: