Chef Lee Yeon Bok’s Grandson Really Wanted To Hang Out With BTS’s Jin, And The End Result Showcases His True Personality

“When is Jinie hyung coming?” 🥺

Some of the luckiest people in the world are those who can say, “My friend is a member of BTS.” Although most people can’t, one person who can confidently say this is Chef Lee Yeon Bok.

Since he met BTS on Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator in 2017, he has become #bestfriendgoals with none other than BTS’s Jin, and they have cemented their status as true friends.

From left: Jin, Jimin, Chef Lee Yeon Bok on “Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator” | JTBC

The two have constantly been seeing hanging out with each other and sharing their meetings on social media. More recently, Jin again proved that he can do everything after Chef Lee Yeon Bok praised the idol for his skills after their cooking masterclass, explaining that the food was “made really well” and was “delicious.”

| @fuxtom/Instagram
| @fuxtom/Instagram

Chef Lee Yeon Bok recently appeared on KBS‘s Godfather, and throughout the episode, shared just how good a friend Jin is and even revealed the expensive wine cooler Jin bought him.

| @hohaseabt/ Twitter

Well, it seems like there is no end to just how genuine and caring a friend Jin is. During an interview, Chef Lee Yeon Bok shared the story about Jin gifting him some of the iconic “Jin” strawberries and the lengths he went to when giving them.

He called me at 10 PM, and asked, ‘Where are you, chef?’ I replied, ‘Where should I be this late? I’m at home!’ He said there are really sweet strawberries, so he wanted to bring them to me.

— Chef Lee Yeon Bok

| 채널S/ YouTube
| 채널S/ YouTube 

These strawberries are definitely iconic, and after visiting his uncle’s strawberry farm, he’s been gifting them to those he’s closest with.

| @jin/ Instagram
| @jin/ Instagram

Yet, it isn’t just with Chef Lee Yeon Bok that Jin proves to be truly humble and adorable. Chef Lee Yeon Bok then shared a story about his grandson interacting with the idol, which makes everyone soft AF.

In the video, Chef Lee Yeon Bok explained that his grandson was asking where Jin was. So, after messaging Jin saying his grandson wanted to meet him, he came straight after one of his performances.

| 채널S/ YouTube

What was even cuter was that Jin literally arrived straight from the show and even had the iconic apple hair. Even though he must’ve been tired because of the performance, Chef Lee Yeon Bok explained that he still came, played, and took selfies with his grandson.

| 채널S/ YouTube
| 채널S/ YouTube

There is no denying that Jin has always been known for his warm and caring personality, yet this cemented it. When the clip was posted, it was also shared on social media, and fans couldn’t get over how sweet Jin was and even dubbed him “Uncle Jin” for his behavior towards the child.

Once again, Jin has proved why he is loved worldwide. Not only is he “Worldwide Handsome” with so much talent, but he’s also one of the most caring and sweetest people ever.

You can read more about the friendship between Jin and Chef Lee Yeon Bok below.

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Source: 채널S


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