Chef Lee Yeonbok Shares Stories Of His Chaotic Friendship With BTS’s Jin

Who needs Santa when you have the worldwide bestie?

MBC’s show Radio Star featured celebrity chef Lee Yeonbok as its guest in a recent episode where he shared some surprising stories of his friendship with BTS‘s Jin.

Jin with Chef Lee | @fuxtom/Instagram 

The unusual friendship, chef Lee revealed, bloomed after they first met on another show, Please Take Care Of My Fridge, where Jin appeared as a guest along with co-member Jimin. Chef Lee mentioned that there are many celebrities who exchanged contacts with him after appearing on the JTBC show but sometimes they end up not initiating any correspondence after that. But Jin contacted him frequently, which made the two develop a genuine friendship.

| @fuxtom/Instagram

Some guest stars on the show would asking me for my phone number and some would contact me while some didn’t. But Jin contacted me routinely.

—Chef Lee Yeonbok

Chef Lee then shared other stories that showed how close the two have gotten over the years. Jin used to be a frequent visitor to his house, but during a certain time, he couldn’t visit him for a while. Seeing that his grandson missed hanging out with “Jin hyung,” chef Lee messaged Jin asking when he could visit again. After receiving his message, Jin went straight to his home, even though he had just finished a concert. Jin showed up at his place with full makeup and his apple hair.

BTS Jin with his “apple hair” at the “Sowoozoo” concert in 2021 | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Another time, Jin drove over to the chef’s house in his slippers and sweatpants only to drop off some strawberries.

One day when Jin was hanging out at chef Lee’s studio, he noticed that he had a smaller wine cellar. So, Jin immediately ordered a bigger cellar for the chef right there!

Jin with Chef Lee | @fuxtom/Instagram

The easygoing relationship between the two already won fans’ hearts when Chef Lee appeared in Jin’sindividual vlog back in August, where he learned to make menbosha from him. These new stories have only added more fondness towards their chemistry.


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