Chilling Details Of A 23-Year-Old Cold Blooded Murderer In Busan Leaves Experts Stunned

She killed an innocent girl out of “curiosity.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content and violence that may disturb some readers.

A 23-year-old woman named Jung Yoo Jung is currently being charged with the murder of another woman in her 20s in Busan. But unlike other criminals, Jung’s eerily calm composure while disclosing the details of her crime has left authorities dumbfounded.

Suspect Jung Yoo Jung on June 9 | Korea JoongAng Daily

The Crime

Jung’s identity was revealed to the public on June 8, Thursday. She allegedly murdered the victim on May 26. According to reports, her victim was a university student and a freelance tutor. Jung approached her through a tutoring brokerage app and posed as a parent, asking her to teach her child English.

She then bought a school uniform to disguise herself as a school student and visited the victim’s house. After killing the woman, Jung was caught by security cameras bringing a suitcase from her home to the victim’s place, where she later put the body and dumped its parts. Before leaving the victim’s house, Jung changed into her clothes since the uniform had blood on it.

Security footage showed Jung leaving the victim’s house with this suitcase | Korea JoongAng Daily

The Motive

Lee Soo Jung, a forensic psychology professor at Kyonggi University, has been closely analyzing this crime and the criminal. He told the media that Jung probably killed the woman because she was envious of her lifestyle and everything she had. The victim went to a prestigious university and had good social standing. Jung, on the other hand, lived an isolated life for five years after finishing high school and has never been employed.

I think we can say that Jung wanted to have what the tutor had, such as her social status and academic background, and that is why she chose the victim.

—Lee Soo Jung

According to the police reports, Jung still had the victim’s ID with her even after dumping the dead body.

Her isolated lifestyle potentially triggered psychopathy, according to Bae Sang Hoon, a criminal profiler and a police administration professor at Woosuk University. He believes that there is a high possibility Jung was unable to distinguish between reality and the virtual world while committing the murder.

The Suspect’s Confession

According to the Geumgjeong Police Precinct, Jung had initially denied the allegations against her. But as evidence kept piling up, including the camera footage, her bloodstained suitcase, and the victim’s ID card, she changed her stance, saying that someone else killed her and she only got rid of the body.

Jung Yoo Jung’s identity was revealed to the public on June 8 | Yonhap News

As the investigation went ahead, the police found remains of the victim’s body parts in a riverside area of the Nakdong River. Shockingly, the rest of her remains were discovered at Jung’s home.

It looks like she was not able to think about the ‘next step’ after the alleged murder as she was so into the desire of killing a person.

—Bae Sang Hoon

A cab driver reported that he drove Jung near the Nakdong River with a bloodied suitcase at night, and on May 27, she was arrested. It was only after the persuasion of the police and her family that she admitted to the killing.

In a chilling account of her crime, Jung told the police that she murdered the victim simply “out of curiosity.” She didn’t know the woman personally, but her “curiosity was piqued from reading novels and watching TV programs on murder.”

Lee Soo Jung noted that her attitude towards this situation is highly unusual, even for a seasoned criminal.

A person normally panics and becomes terrified when they kill someone, even if they are a criminal, but the scene [of Jung going to her home to get a suitcase to carry the dead body] shows no sign of panic or horror.

—Lee Soo Jung

On June 9, Jung appeared in front of the press with her face covered under a hat and a mask as she was handed over to the prosecution. While leaving the Busan Dongnae Police Precinct, she told reporters, “I apologize to the victim and her family…I must have been out of my mind.

According to the police, the suspect has no record of diagnosis or treatment for a psychiatric condition.

Source: JTBC

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