Chinese And Korean Netizens Unite To Support Actress Choo Ja Hyun In Light Of Her Husband’s Infidelity Rumors

“As I thought, what we see on television cannot be trusted…”

Previously, Chinese actor Yu Xiaoguang (more commonly known to Koreans as Woo Hyo Kwang) made headlines for his infidelity rumors, as paparazzi photographs of another woman on his lap spread like wildfire. And while his Korean agency BH Entertainment shared an official statement denying the accusations, he has been met with intense scrutiny — from both Chinese and Korean netizens.

Woo Hyo Kwang (left) and Choo Ja Hyun (right.)

The heavy backlash is fueled by the fact that Choo Ja Hyun is a well-respected actress in both countries. She made her Korean acting debut back in 1996, but despite being active in the Korean entertainment industry for many decades, Choo Ja Hyun was never able to become an “A-list” actress. This led to her venture into the Chinese market, where would be cast as the female lead roles in numerous different productions. It was her role in the 2011 Chinese melodrama The Temptation to Go Home that catapulted her into overnight stardom in mainland China.

Following her feature in the series, Choo Ja Hyun instantly became one of the most popular Korean stars in China, amassing the love of the entire nation. Ever since, the actress uprooted her life from South Korea to China to focus on her Chinese acting career.

Choo Ja Hyun (front left) in “Temptation of Going Home” poster | Hunan TV

On the flip side, Woo Hyo Kwang is a Chinese composer and actor from China who only made a name for himself in the industry recently. He has been acting since 1995 and has also landed numerous roles in different productions. However, unlike Choo Ja Hyun, the actor has almost always been cast in smaller supporting roles. Chinese netizens credit his rising popularity due to his 2017 marriage to Choo Ja Hyun — and their appearance on SBS‘s Same Bed, Different Dreams 2, where he gave himself a “loyal loving husband” reputation.

Woo Hyo Kwang in “My Kung Fu Girlfriend” | CCTV

Thousands of Chinese netizens also poured out their support for Choo Ja Hyun, as they began to curse Woo Hyo Kwang in the midst of his cheating allegations on Weibo (Chinese social media).

Chinese netizen’s comment, Korean translation provided by “theqoo.” | theqoo

I am Chinese. I just want to say this is not a cultural difference, but he 100% cheated. This b*stard is being criticized incessantly even in China. Why did he say it was his cousin….? He was doing so well preserving his image in Korea…who takes their adult cousin and places her on their lap? Is that comfortable for you? Honestly, Choo Ja Hyun unnie is more famous in China than he is.

— Chinese netizen

Chinese netizens’ comments, Korean translations provided by “theqoo.” | theqoo
  • Unnie I’m Chinese, but we will always be your biggest supporters. Everyone is fond of you here in China and so we will support you no matter what! While we may be hidden, we will all silently support you!”
  • Unnie, even if you get divorced, please be happy. Even if you don’t leave, you must always take care of yourself ❤️.”
  • “Even if you get divorced, Woo Hyo Kwang is not the only man out there. They always promise you so many things when you get married, but you don’t realize that it’s gibberish until you experience the reality. No matter what promises he makes, it’s always a lie. Don’t ever trust any man, even in the future. They don’t have anything good to offer.”

Showing their unification, Korean netizens also chimed in with their ruthless comments targeting Woo Hyo Kwang.

| theqoo
  • “I will never understand the b*stards who cheat. If you’re going to date someone else, why don’t you just end your previous relationship and meet.”
  • “Hul, Choo Ja Hyun went through so many hardships in Korea so I wondered if she would have her ‘happy ever after’ in China, but I guess not.”
  • “If there’s no room to sit, you don’t sit on someone’s lap. China also has taxis…if you were worried because she was a girl, you could’ve have waited for a taxi with her or give up your seat in the van and take a taxi yourself.”
  • “Wow, I want to curse all the words.”
  • “F*ck. Seriously, if you’re going to try to justify, use something that makes sense. It doesn’t make sense that you said there was no room in the car so she sat on your lap. Also, the way your hand moved, this wasn’t your first time doing it.”
  • “I recently watched ‘The Game Caterers’ and they went to Choo Ja Hyun’s label to play some games. Choo Ja Hyun was bragging about her husband so I never saw this coming.”
  • “As I thought, what we see on television cannot be trusted.”

While BH Entertainment released an official statement, Choo Ja Hyun and Woo Hyo Kwang have not yet personally addressed the growing controversy.

Source: theqoo, theqoo, theqoo and Image