Cho Joo Bin’s Family Reportedly Moved out of Their Home as Soon as Their Son’s Identity Was Revealed

Cho Joo Bin is the main perpetrator behind the infamous “Nth Room Sex Abuse Case.”

It’s been reported that as soon as Cho Joo Bin‘s identity was exposed for the “Nth Room Sex Abuse Case“, his family immediately moved out of their home in Incheon, Korea.

Cho Joo Bin has been named one of the main perpetrators of the “Nth Room” on the application, Telegram, where underage girls were sexually assaulted and filmed for the viewing of paid users of the app.

According to MBN, Cho Joo Bin’s family was living in a rental apartment located in Incheon, Seoul up until Cho Joo Bin’s identity was exposed to the public.

The apartment is now empty.

A neighbor of the family testified that the family moved out as soon as Cho Joo Bin’s face was revealed on the news.

The neighbor predicts that Cho Joo Bin’s mother, father, and big sister moved in order to avoid the judgment of the people in their neighborhood.

The residents in the area expressed their surprise that Cho Joo Bin could commit such acts.

They described him as a kind young man who greeted them first.

He was a model student. He was a kind boy. He was very good with his greetings, so I was surprised when I heard he did such horrible things.

– Resident

Following the reveal of Cho Joo Bin’s identity, the police have arrested 128 suspects related to the “Nth Room Sex Assault Case”, and 18 of them have been confined.

Source: Dispatch

Nth Room Sex Abuse Case