Cho Joo Bin Revealed to Have Plotted the Murder of a Young Girl With a Paid Member of “Nth Room”

Mr. Kang paid Cho Joo Bin to murder his middle school teacher’s daughter.

In light of Cho Joo Bin‘s charges related to the “Nth Room Sex Assault Case”, it has been revealed that he also plotted the murder of a young girl at the request of a paid member of “Nth Room”.

According to JTBC’s Newsroom, a social service worker by the name of Mr. Kang continued to threaten his favorite teacher from middle school to meet in a personal setting which led to a prison sentence of 1 year and 2 months.

After getting out last March, it’s been revealed that Mr. Kang plotted the murder of the teacher’s young daughter as revenge, and asked Cho Joo Bin to kill her by giving her the address of the young girl’s daycare, contact information, and 4 million won (~$3300 USD).

One chat log revealed that Cho Joo Bin even texted Mr. Kang that he would feed the young girl poison.

And as a social worker, Mr. Kang used his authority to help Cho Joo Bin in any way he could.

Luckily, before Cho Joo Bin and Mr. Kang could carry out their plan last December, the police arrested Mr. Kang for plotting murder.

Following the recent arrest of Cho Joo Bin, the police are investigating his part in the crime as well.

Ahead of this reveal, Cho Joo Bin was arrested and investigated as a main administrator of the “Nth Room”, which sexually assaulted underage girls and filmed the violent acts for the viewing of paid members.

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The police have currently arrested 128 suspects related to the “Nth Room Sex Assault Case”, and 18 of them have been confined.

Source: Insight
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