American Actor Chris Evans Recounts K-Pop Idol-Like Experience He Had While In Korea

He was mobbed at the airport.

American actor Chris Evans had a K-Pop idol-like experience, being mobbed in South Korea.

Chris Evans at the Korea Premiere of “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” | Chris Evans Forum

To promote the DisneyPixar Toy Story prequel Lightyear, Chris Evans guested on the late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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So, host Jimmy Kimmel asked Chris Evans if he would be traveling worldwide promoting the film. Evans replied that he would be shortly after.

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Jimmy Kimmel: Are you traveling all over the world promoting it?

Chris Evans: Yeah, well, we’re about to. We’re here first … and then the whirlwind begins.

Kimmel asked Evans if he enjoyed promoting internationally. Yet, he always wanted to know about crazy fan encounters, such as being mobbed.

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Jimmy Kimmel: Do you like doing that? Do you like going to other countries? And have you, do you get mobbed in places you never would have expected you might?

Chris Evans: Yeah, yeah, sometimes.

Jimmy Kimmel: Like where?

Chris Evans explained that he is used to everything by now, having played Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He did remember that one of the craziest experiences was when he starred in Bong Joon Ho‘s 2013 film Snowpiercer.

Well … Marvel certainly kind of breaks you into that, but, you know, I actually… One of the crazier experiences didn’t have anything to do with Marvel actually. We did a movie a few years back called Snowpiercer.

— Chris Evans

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“Snowpiercer” poster.

Evans remembered traveling to South Korea during that time. He surely did not know what would come when he landed at the airport.

And the director’s Korean. So, we went to South Korea, and we landed. We were coming out of the airport, and it was a zoo! …Like we were The Beatles.

— Chris Evans

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He remembered a crowd of people screaming with excitement. And though there was a rope to prevent people from mobbing the celebrities arriving, it was completely disregarded.

People were screaming, and they had one little rope to stop people and that rope just got bulldozed. …Very quickly, we were surrounded.

— Chris Evans

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Of course, fans of K-Pop are familiar with this type of situation. Even in recent years, there has been a reoccurrence of celebrities being mobbed at the airport. BTS, Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, and actor Kim Seon Ho have already been mobbed at Incheon International Airport this year.

So, Chris Evans confessed that it was “nerve-wracking” for him even. Thankfully, security came in and assisted.

It kind of got a little nerve-wracking for a minute, and you know, security came in and whisked us out of there.

— Chris Evans

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The Snowpiercer producers were concerned to hear about the experience afterward, though. So, they reassured Chris Evans that it would be different when he traveled back.

Producers later that day were like, ‘We heard what happened at the airport. We’re so sorry. That’s never going to happen again.’ And I said, ‘Hey, you know, it’s not a big deal.’

— Chris Evans

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Sure enough, the producers kept their word. When Evans returned to the airport, he had a different type of crowd. He had many bodyguards to escort him the entire way through the airport.

A couple of days later, we left Korea, I get back to the airport, and as I’m walking in, there was a van behind us. Out of this van steps 25 to 30 giant Korean men all wearing suits, and they stand in a circle around me, holding hands, and they’re walking me into the airport.

— Chris Evans

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With a crowd of large men surrounding Chris Evans, it was guaranteed to be intimidating. So, not one person showed up that day.

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Jimmy Kimmel: What?

Chris Evans: Not one fan showed up. Nobody. I was all by myself.

Jimmy Kimmel: That’s probably for the best.

Chris Evans: Yeah. …I just like, ‘Oh my God.’ And you try to tell them, ‘Guys, it’s not a…’ But you know…

Jimmy Kimmel: They’re there to work.

Chris Evans: This was through security and then to the gate. These guys…

Chris Evans surely lived a K-Pop idol-like life, even for just a few moments!

Chris Evans at the airport in Korea.

Watch the full interview below:

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