Fans Think Chuu Sent A Clear Message To BlockBerry Creative In A Now-Deleted Photo From Her Instagram Story

Chuu briefly shared a second post after her initial statement.

Chuu is known for her infectious and lovable personality and has built a career for herself with her talent and genuine reputation.

Chuu | @chuuo3o/Instagram

Chuu debuted as a member of LOONA in 2016 and remained a beloved member until their company, BlockBerry Creative, announced in November that they kicked her out of the group. In a statement on LOONA’s fan cafe, the company accused Chuu of “verbal abuse and power-tripped tendencies toward [their] staff.”.

After the shocking accusations, Orbits (LOONA’s fans) and the agency’s staff members who worked closely with the LOONA members came to Chuu’s defense.

As the story grew, Dispatch released an in-depth exposé revealing the details behind LOONA’s doomed contract agreements, personal text messages between Chuu and BlockBerry Creative staff, and Chuu’s lawsuit to terminate her exclusive contract in January 2022.

The exposé revealed that the contents of LOONA’s exclusive contract made it almost impossible for the members to make money due to their revenue split versus expenses shared.

An infographic that demonstrates LOONA’s revenue 7:3 split while expenses are shared 5:5. | Dispatch

During Chuu’s ongoing battle with BlockBerry Creative, the talented idol continued her activities. She continued to release episodes of her YouTube show Chuu Can Do It, appearing as one of four hosts on Waave‘s dating reality show Love Alarm and performing at the 2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon.

(From left to right) Weki Meki’s Yoojung, Chuu, Oh My Girl’s Arin, and Choi Yena at the “2022 MBC Gayo Daejejeon”

At the end of November, nine members of LOONA, HeejinHaesulYeojinKim LipJinsolChoerryYvesGowon, and Olivia Hyefiled an injunction to suspend their exclusive contracts with BlockBerry Creative while stating that the trust between the company and members had been broken.

The same day, Chuu released her first statement on Instagram regarding the unfolding situation, assuring fans that she had not done anything to embarrass them while promising to release a further statement in the future.

| @chuuo3o/Instagram

Hello, this is Chuu,

Thank you so much for the concern and [for] the comfort of many people.

I have not been contacted or [do not know] anything about a series of situations, so I am grasping the situation. But what is clear is that I have not done anything to embarrass the fans.

As soon as the position [on the matter] is decided in the future, I will tell [contact] you again.

Thank you so much for your concern and trust.

— Chuu

The group’s planned comeback for January was heavily boycotted by fans and subsequently postponed indefinitely by BlockBerry Creative, who cited “various [unresolved] concerns about the members’ situation” as the reason behind the change.

It was recently announced that BlockBerry Creative submitted a petition to the Korea Entertainment Management Association and the Korea Entertainment Producers Association to ban Chuu, and LOONA’s Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsol, and Choerry from entertainment activities.

LOONA | @sbsnoriter/Twitter

Following the news, Chuu again took to Instagram to share a brief statement on the situation as she continues to prepare her official position.

Hello, this is Chuu. It’s really tiring and sad that I must keep revealing my position. Recently, it seems that slanderous articles based on false reports have gone too far. In December 2021, I didn’t even know the company BY4M. It’s hard for me to put up with the fact that even the members are tied up with the lies, so I’ll organize my position and respond soon.

While her statement remains on her Instagram story, fans think that a now-deleted post sends a clear message to Orbits and BlockBerry Creative.

Shortly after she posted her stance on the ongoing feud, she posted LE SSERAFIM‘s “ANTIFRAGILE,” a song that LE SSERAFIM leader Chaewon shared was about being “confident and proud despite obstacles that come our way.”

The simple album cover seemingly sent a loud message from Chuu; that she isn’t going to back down in the face of the accusations and obstacles created by BlockBerry Creative.

In the face of continued troubling developments, the LOONA members have continued to prove they have an unbreakable bond.

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