Chuu Addresses Fans On Instagram About Her Current Situation For The First Time Since Her Removal From LOONA

“I have not done anything to embarrass the fans…”

On November 25, netizens were shocked when Blockberry Creative announced the removal of Chuu from LOONA after allegations of abusing the company’s staff members.

Chuu | @chuuo3o/Instagram

Amidst the allegations, staff and those who had worked with Chuu hit back at the claims from Blockberry Creative, praising the idol for her work ethic.

The members have also shared their reactions, whether it was the Gowon and Heejin doing the iconic “Chuu Heart“…


Or Hyunjin being vocal about the issue, despite fans’ worries that she could get into trouble. Hyunjin shared her own thoughts in a series of messages to fans.

22:07 Chuu unnie is probably the most broken-hearted out of all of us right now. Please keep sending Chuu a lot of love and support…

— Hyunjin

Yet, while the members have been more vocal about the topic with fans, fans haven’t heard from Chuu following her removal from the group and the allegations against her.

On November 28, Chuu finally took to Instagram to update fans with a story. In the post, the idol spoke to fans, sharing that she hadn’t been contacted and would update fans in more detail soon.

Hello, this is Chuu,

Thank you so much for the concern and [for] the comfort of many people.

I have not been contacted or [do not know] anything about a series of situations, so I am grasping the situation. But what is clear is that I have not done anything to embarrass the fans.

As soon as the position [on the matter] is decided in the future, I will tell [contact] you again.

Thank you so much for your concern and trust.

— Chuu

| @chuuo3o/Instagram

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Source: @chuuo3o/Instagram