Ciipher’s Keita Will Reportedly Join The “Boy’s Planet” Eliminated Trainee Spin-Off Group

He would be their seventh member.

Ciipher‘s Keita will reportedly be joining the previously reported spin-off group of Boys Planet eliminated trainees.

According to an exclusive report from Joy News24, Keita will be joining the spin-off group primarily composed of Yuehua Entertainment and Wake One Entertainment trainees. It has been reported that he is already dorming with the members. Currently, Wake One Entertainment’s Park Han BinLee Jeong HyeonMun Jung Hyun, and Park Ji Hu and Yuehua Entertainment’s Yoo Seung Eon and Ji Yun Seo are planned to be in the group. Keita ultimately finished in 12th place on the show.

The group has not been officially revealed or announced, but there has been some backlash from netizens regarding its formation. The group will likely be managed by Jellyfish Entertainment and is planning to debut later this year.

Previously, it was announced that six trainees from Yuehua Entertainment and Wake One Entertainment would form a project group together.

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Source: Joy News24