Civic Group Refuses To Drop Charges Against MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, Netizens Come To Her Defense

They want this case to set a precedence.

According to reports on October 4, MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa has been cleared of accusations over “obscene performance” at Sungkwan University in May. The police investigated the performance content and decided that pressing criminal charges based on them would be difficult. The prosecution suspended the case as well.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa | @_mariahwasa/Instagram

However, the Union for Students and Parents’ Human Rights that initially filed the complaint against Hwasa has refused to accept the authorities’ decision to drop the charges. A representative of the group told the media that they demand a re-investigation from high authorities regarding this matter.

There is no denying the fact that her actions fall under the obscene acts specified in the crime of public indecency in Article 245 of the Criminal Code. We disagree with the decision, and we want a re-investigation and judgment from higher authorities, as it does not align with the Supreme Court’s ruling.

— Representative of the Union for Students and Parents’ Human Rights

The representative expressed their intention to set a precedent with this case that would set the tone for similar acts in the future.

This case is an important (legal) judgment on whether similar sex acts can be depicted in public places such as entertainment TV programs or university festivals. The performances that emphasizes perversion or profanity reminiscent of sexual acts clearly fall under the charge of public indecency.

— Representative of the Union for Students and Parents’ Human Rights

According to the plaintiffs, Hwasa’s actions were shocking and humiliating for the public, and she needs to practice “self-restraint.”

The public was shocked and felt humiliated by Hwasa’s actions. She cannot claim to be a victim. What is needed here is self-reflection and restraint (instead of claiming to be the victim).

— Representative of the Union for Students and Parents’ Human Rights

The performance in question happened on May 12 at Sungkyunkwan University’s festival. Though the audience consisted of adults, the singer’s provocative gesture on stage soon became a controversy and snowballed into a legal fight. But this isn’t the first time this human rights group has got involved in controversial matters.

This particular civic group came to public attention during the COVID-19 pandemic for their campaigns against vaccines and mask mandates. They sent out complaint letters to schools, threatening legal action if institutions implemented mask rules or self-COVID-19 kits because these actions apparently infringed upon the human rights of students. The group has also reportedly opposed other social issues.

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Hwasa, on the other hand, is not new to public criticism. But in the last few months, she has faced more backlash than before. Her most recent controversy was about her outfit on the popular variety show Knowing Bros, where she styled a school uniform in a sexy outfit. Some criticized her for “sexualizing” school uniforms, while others came to her defense, saying many other idols have done the same styling before without receiving any backlash.

Regarding the civic group’s adamant decision to keep pursuing the case, netizens have mostly expressed frustration and agree that this incident doesn’t warrant such an intense reaction.

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  • “This objection has zero contribution to society. Ugh.”
  • “Are they crazy people? Are they really that jobless?”
  • “Don’t push it.”
  • “Who on earth was shocked and harmed?”
  • “Really, what a f*cking mess…I hate seeing people who pick one celebrity and bully them persistently.”
  • “Just stop. What crime has she committed for you to be like this?”
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  • “They really have nothing better to do.”
  • “There is no need to go this far.”
  • “It’s not that big of a deal.”
  • “Stop it, please!”
  • “Looks like they have some sort of a mental illness…They must be f*cking jobless.”
  • “Wow, really…this is too much.”
  • “I am starting to feel bad for Hwasa after this.”


Source: Ten Asia and Aju Daily