CIX Addresses Allegations Of Mistreatment Towards Bae Jinyoung At The “Hanteo Music Awards 2022”

The group delivered their own message after their agency denied the allegations.

CIX recently wrapped the Europe leg of their world tour, Save Me, Kill Me, with incredible shows held in Poland, the Netherlands, England, France, and Germany.

The group left a lasting impression on FIXs (CIX’s fandom), who eagerly gathered to see the 4th-gen group on the first half of their second world tour.

(From left to right) CIX’s Hyunsuk, BX, Bae Jinyoung, Seunghun, and Younghee | @CIX_official/Twitter

A few moments from the European shows on their tour quickly became a topic of controversy due to certain members of the audience throwing items on stage and others screaming loudly over the group’s ending ments.

One clip, in particular, went viral as the OP of a now-deleted tweet claimed some audience members were screaming for other CIX members during Bae Jinyoung‘s ending ment during their Berlin show, causing him to stop his speech.

just wanna say that the level of disrespect i saw from fans towards jinyoung last night was so upsetting. he even gave up on his ment and let hyunsuk take over bc u guys wouldnt stop screaming for other members as soon as jinyoung opened his mouth…

— lou (@uehami)/Twitter

The now-deleted clip of Bae Jinyoung’s ending ment | 뉴스1 연예TV/YouTube

Fans who also attended the Berlin show quickly clarified that it seemed to be one person who was yelling over the ending ment.

As the tweet gained traction, another post on a popular Korean online community board surfaced, with the OP compiling multiple instances of alleged mistreatment of Bae Jinyoung by his fellow group members and fans. Some netizens began to accuse CIX of ostracizing Bae Jinyoung.

Netizens began searching for more incidences of alleged mistreatment, and a compilation video of items being thrown at Bae Jinyoung stirred even more controversy. The video was picked up by a popular Korean news outlet, causing his former fellow WANNA ONE member, Kim Jaehwan, to post an ambiguous Instagram story about the situation.

Kim Jaehwan’s Instagram story where he posted a screenshot from the compilation clip of Bae Jinyoung

The rise in media attention and allegations the clips were causing resulted in the group’s management company C9 Entertainment stepping in to firmly deny the group was ostracizing Bae Jinyoung while debunking the “proof” posts of the alleged mistreatment.

They released an unedited version of CIX’s ending ment in Berlin, showing that Bae Jinyoung was able to participate in their speech and wasn’t ignored by fans or the other members.

Kim Jaehwan’s post was also clarified by the soloist’s company which shared that the former WANNA ONE member posted the Instagram story out of sympathy for the situation surrounding his former group member.

Kim Jaehwan’s company’s statement | OSEN

After C9 Entertainment made their statement clarifying the matter, CIX remained largely silent about the ordeal until their speech at the Hanteo Music Awards 2022.

During the second day of the yearly award ceremony, CIX was awarded the “Post Generation Award.”

CIX at the “Hanteo Music Awards 2022” | Hanteo News

As they ended their speech, member Seunghun said,

Also… The five of us get along really well. And we’re working toward our dream together. So we’d appreciate your love and support.

— Seunghun

The other members began to smile knowingly among each other while nodding in agreement, brushing off the negative rumors that had been swirling.

Bae Jinyoung leaned in towards the mic and began to cheer, showing his approval for the message.

Fans were glad to see how smoothly the group shut down the allegations, knowing how close the members are to each other.

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Source: OSEN