CL Drops Music Video Teaser For “SPICY”

The queen is back.

CL’s first single from her first full-length album, ALPHA, has been partially revealed online. Most recently, she dropped the music video teaser for her song, “SPICY,” and gained attention worldwide.

The intense beat flowing throughout the teaser video hints that her new song, “SPICY,” will be a hip-hop style song similar to her previous tracks “Hello Bitches” and “The Baddest Female.” The video was also special as actor John Malkovich did the narration, “ENERGY POWER CHEMISTRY,” that is heard at the beginning of the teaser.

CL’s first single, “SPICY,” will drop on August 24 at 6 PM KST. She will release her second single, “ALPHA” in September and drop the full album in October. 



Source: sports khan