CL Had The Best Response When Asked To Name Her Inspiration, And You’ll Definitely Agree With It

She’s such a queen!

As a musician, former 2NE1 member CL has been active in the scene for the last 13 years, and is known for her great talent as a rapper and for her amazing sense of style!

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She recently sat down for an interview with hypebae magazine, where she talked about her personal style, music, and more!

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CL answered all the questions with her trademark charisma and sass, and when asked to name her role model, proudly picked herself!

I’m going to be honest. It’s me.


She then clarified that she doesn’t think that should make her an inspiration for everybody else, and instead wants people to believe in themselves, as she does!

I’m not saying that everyone should take inspiration from me, but that everyone should be able to believe in themselves. We all live together in a community that’s so connected, that we often forget about truly appreciating ourselves for who we are. For me, I just want to make sure I make the right choices for my life.

That’s why I am the inspiration for all of those decisions.


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And as the CEO of her very own company, Very Cherry, including being in charge of her own music and concepts, CL is indeed her own inspiration, as well as an inspiration to many others!

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Source: hypebae magazine