CL Takes A Picture With Actor John Malkovich, And Shares The Touching Message He Sent Her

It’s so nice to see CL surrounding by such loving friends!

CL and John Malkovich have the most wholesome friendship ever!

On December 9, CL uploaded a post via her Instagram of a picture of her and John Malkovich, and a picture of a text he sent to her:

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+BE John Malkovich🍒+ #스승님

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In the picture of the text he sent her, he relayed how lovely it was to have met up with her, and heartwarmingly reassured her about how she’s better than she thinks she is, because she’s her, which is a wonderful thing.


Lovely to see you today CL. You’re better than you think, dear. Have a nice trip to NYC and don’t stress. You’re still you and that’s a great thing.

X John.

—John Malkovich


John Malkovich is an actor well-known for films such as Con Air and most recently, Bird Box. The two artists became friends after appearing in the 2018 movie Mile 22 together, and its great to see that CL found such a great friend to bring her up when she’s down!


After the expiration of her contract with YG Entertainment, CL decided not to renew with the agency and is, as of now, a free agent. She made her much awaited comeback on December 5, with MVs that made fans extremely happy for her and her new beginning!

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