Clip Of Seungri Telling Female Idol To Pour Alcohol Resurfaces Following Prostitution Accusations

“…as expected.”

Following reports that claim Seungri offered prostitution to his investors, the clip of Seungri telling gugudan’s Sejeong to pour him alcohol on Salty Tour has been resurfacing.

On an episode of Salty Tour, which was aired in August 2018, Seungri made a statement that resulted in heavy criticism from viewers and netizens. Seungri had suggested that Sejeong choose the most attractive member and pour him a drink.

Since Sejeong came out on Salty Tour… and there are five guys.

Forget about their fame, status, and wealth. Just based on their looks, personality, and style, please pour beer to the person you thought was the most attractive today.

— Seungri


Sejeong seemed uncomfortable by the request as she said, “What is this?”


The act was deemed highly inappropriate as men are often poured drinks by women at brothels or hostess bars. Moreover, it implies that the one pouring is inferior to the one receiving the drink in Korean culture.

Eventually, the Korean Communication Standards Commission (KCSC) officially charged tvN with disciplinary action for gender equality violations.

Seungri’s “Salty Tour” Episode With Sejeong Officially Receives Disciplinary Action


The incident has been resurfacing since the alleged chatroom conversation that occurred between Seungri, his business partner and employee as they talked about providing their clients with prostitutes. And while both Seungri and YG Entertainment have denied the accusations, netizens have been aiming the criticism at Seungri once again.

  • “Whenever I saw Seungri, I thought no matter how well he is portrayed, he just couldn’t hide his gangster ways but…as expected.”
  • “Habits are scary lmao.”
  • “I can’t believe he acts that way when he has a little sister. If he could just take a moment to think how he would feel if his sister was treated this way by other men.”
  • “I feel so bad for Sejeong.”
  • “What an a**hole.”
Source: Nate and Pann Nate
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