Confirmed: 151 Dead And 82 Injured At The Itaewon Halloween Emergency

All online speculations about the incident potentially being drug-related have also been denied.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

 As of 9:40 AM (KST), the current death toll is at 151 people. 82 remain hospitalized: 19 are in critical condition. Out of the 151 deceased, 19 have been identified as foreign nationals from China, Iran, Uzbekistan, Norway, and other countries.

Previous Update: During the 6 AM “final” briefing to the Korean press, the Yongsan Fire Station reported 149 dead and 76 hospitalized. Out of the 76 injured, 19 are reported to be in critical condition. Also, out of the 149 confirmed dead, two are foreign nationals. 15 out of the 76 injured are confirmed to be non-Koreans as well.

In the latest live briefing at the Itaewon site of the tragic Halloween emergency, the South Korean National Fire Agency confirmed that there have been 146 confirmed deaths and 150 injured.

Yongsan Fire Station Head Firefighter Choi Sung Bum | MBC

Choi Sung Bum, the head firefighter of the Yongsan Fire Station, reported that “the numbers have increased because the rescues have been hospitalized, and we have received updates on their statuses from the hospitals.” Choi also confirmed, “Though we will have to continue to investigate, it seems the incident was caused by a stampede in the alleyway.”

The personnel dispatched to the scene have completed three rounds of searches around Itaewon. Choi confirmed there have not been other rescues in the additional search rounds. KCSI at the scene are working on identifying the victims.

Yongsan Police Station Head Detective Choi Eul Chun | MBC

Meanwhile, head detective Choi Eul Chun at the Yongsan Police Station denied all online speculations about the incident potentially being drug related, as of now.


Itaewon Halloween Emergency

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