Controversial Photographer ROTTA Receives Prison Sentence For Sexual Molestation

He will be serving time in prison.

Controversial photographer ROTTA (Choi Won Seok), who is known for his Lolita concept photoshoots, has been sentenced to 8 months in prison for sexual molestation.

Chief Prosecuting Attorney Shin Jin Hwa of the Seoul Western District court handed ROTTA a sentence of 8 months in prison, 80 hours of sexual violence treatment programs, and a 3 year restriction on employment at any child or youth related organizations. Shin Jin Hwa also immediately issued an arrest warrant for ROTTA, and he was arrested in court.

Chief Prosecuting Attorney Shin Jin Hwa explained why he gave ROTTA the sentence he did.

The defendant testified that there was no sexual harassment at first. The investigations discovered that there was in fact contact between the defendant and the victim, and the statement was changed at the victim’s request. There was no consistency, with changing the frame of such an important statement. The credibility of the victim’s statement is much higher, and it is difficult to determine that there was consent to change the statement.

— Shin Jin Hwa

ROTTA shared his thoughts on the ruling in his final statement, claiming the ruling was not fair. He did not show his will to reflect on his actions, instead complaining of injustice.

I am sad to hear about an outcome that is different from the truth that I know. That friend (the victim), contacted me first after I took the photos for her. I think that friend is doing this to help strengthen her position in the industry.


During the #MeToo movement, many women came out to expose ROTTA for being sexually inappropriate towards them. ROTTA’s case was handed over to prosecution in October 2018, and prosecutors were looking for a 1 year prison term for him in March 2019.

Controversial Photographer Rotta Being Tried For Sexual Harassment, Netizens Say He’s Getting What He Deserves

Source: Sports Seoul