Court finally settles Kim Hyun Joong and ex-girlfriend’s legal dispute

There seems to finally be an end to Kim Hyun Joong‘s legal dispute with his former girlfriend only known as Miss Choi to the public.

Dispatch reports on September 23rd that the court has recently put an end to the former couple’s legal battle, which has lasted for over a year and a half.

It first began in August 2014 when Choi accused the Hallyu star of physically assaulting her. The case was settled by the courts in January 2015 after ordering Kim Hyun Joong to pay a fine of approximately 5 million won.

In February 2015, it was revealed that he had gotten back together with his girlfriend briefly in which time she became pregnant with his child. However, their legal battle was just beginning as Choi filed a lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong for nearly $1 million USD, this time for a compensation of damage due to the emotional distress the he had put her through through the many discord and conflicts after finding out she was pregnant. Kim Hyun Joong also filed a countersuit for approximately $1.08 million USD on the grounds of scamming, blackmailing, slander and false accusations.

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Now, the courts have settled their legal battle, judging the two free of their crimes.

In May, Choi was found not guilty due to insufficient evidence. On September 22nd, Kim Hyun Joong was also found not guilty as “the ex-girlfriend’s accusations (of assault and pregnancy) have no credibility.”

But this may not be completely the end as he is planning to appeal the case of her not guilty verdict to the higher courts, while Choi is also appealing the court’s verdict of “Kim Hyun Joong’s name has been sullied and thus is required to pay him 100 million won as compensation.”

Kim Hyun Joong is currently fulfilling his military service requirements as of May 2015.

Source: Dispatch