“Crash Course In Romance” Scriptwriter Admits She “Got Greedy” With The Series

Could the comment have been in response to the recent backlash?

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K-Drama Crash Course In Romance came to the happiest ending as of March 5 (KST) after 16 episodes of tears, thrills, and laughs.

“Crash Course In Romance” poster. | tvN

Following the final episode, the scriptwriter Yang Hee Seung commented on the series—bidding the dear characters farewell.

Scriptwriter Yang Hee Seung (second from left) with the “Crash Course In Romance” director and cast. | tvN

Yang thanked the viewers for the unexpected love and support, though she admitted she might have “gotten too greedy” in parts.

I think life, for all, comes with both happiness and sorrow. Likewise, the characters in the series also had their own stories to tell and conflicts to work through. I hope the final episode convinced the viewers, though, that all of these characters will be able to work through the ups and downs of their lives. Like we all do. I wanted to create a fun ending, not a cliché one.

I’m so grateful for the unexpected love and support. Now that I’m done and looking back on what an adventure it has been, I do realize that I might have gotten too greedy at times. I do reflect on that.

A huge thanks to the cast who gave life to the characters, though. I’ll continue to work on becoming a good K-Drama scriptwriter.

— Yang Hee Seung

While Yang didn’t mention in specific, Crash Course In Romance did receive fierce online backlash as the final few episodes progressed. Viewers expressed disappointment in some of the “unnecessary” plot twists, like a forced romance between Yeong Joo and Jae Woo or an “underwhelming” resolution of the villain, Mr. Ji.

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Regardless, the grand finale wrapped up at an all-time high of 17% viewer ratings nationwide (19.8% in metropolitan areas)—making it one of the most successful K-Dramas of 2023 thus far.

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