CRAVITY’s Seongmin To Take Hiatus Due To His Mother’s Major Surgery

Best wishes to his mother.

CRAVITY Seongmin‘s mother will undergo a major surgery and thus, he will go on hiatus.

In a statement shared by Starship Entertainment, they revealed Seongmin’s mother’s upcoming surgery and how CRAVITY will promote as eight members for the time being.

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to ask for your understanding of this sudden piece of news. We would like to inform you that CRAVITY Seongmin will temporarily halt his activities.

Seongmin’s mother is about to undergo a major surgery due to her illness.

Following discussions with Seongmin and the CRAVITY members, it was decided that it was the best decision for their family to allow Seongmin to be by his mother’s side for the time being.

CRAVITY’s activities following today will be conducted with eight members without Seongmin. We will inform you of any updates later.

We ask for your support, encouragement, and understanding for Seongmin’s mother’s recovery.

— Starship Entertainment

Source: Newsen