Cube Entertainment Under Fire For Congratulating (G)I-DLE Soojin On Her Birthday

Some netizens are not happy!

Netizens have voiced their criticism for record label Cube Entertainment after they wished (G)I-DLE member Soojin a happy birthday on Twitter.

As per tradition, on an idol’s birthday, Cube Entertainment posted a graphic for Soojin on their social media page.

Soojin is currently on hiatus after the recent school bullying controversy. Cube Entertainment has denied the school bullying allegations explaining that they are investigating the accusations through various means.

In light of these allegations, netizens went on social media to voice their opinions on the recent post from Cube Entertainment under the post.

  • “If you keep doing this, I will leave the (G)I-DLE fandom altogether, Cube.”
  • “Sure, I hope you guys keep her around for a long, long time. No one will pay you any attention.”
  • “They are out of their minds.”
  • “I apologize to the rest of the members, but I don’t really want to consume anything from Cube anymore.”
  • “Cube has returned… please don’t do anything and just rewrite your statement.”
Source: TheQoo

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