Davichi Kang Min Kyung’s Controversial Brand Responds to Heated Criticism of Overpriced Items

Netizens don’t understand how a hair scrunchie can cost $49, so the brand responded to the heavy criticism.

Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung recently launched a clothing brand that quickly gained criticism for selling what netizens are claiming to be overpriced items.


The brand is called Avie Muah, and aside from various clothing items priced over $200 USD, a hair scrunchie came under fire for costing a whopping $49 USD.

Upon the launch of the brand, the homepage stated,

We work with independent and up-and-coming designers to provide imported goods that will last a long time.

– Avie Muah

And Kang Min Kyung even shared her excitement through her official Instagram account.

The doors of Avie Muah are opening. Thank you ver much.

– Kang Min Kyung

But soon after the launch, netizens criticized the brand with comments such as “That’s really expensive for a hair scrunchie.

So the brand took to its Instagram account to address the controversy.

The scrunchie is made of 100% silk, and we used a substantial amount of material, and when using such high-quality material, the process is also very sensitive.

– Avie Muah

The brand expressed,

Due to insufficient explanations of the products, we’ve recognized that many consumers are suspicious of our price points. We will take responsibility and come back with more detailed information.

– Avie Muah

Source: Dispatch