Dawn Updates Viewers On HyunA’s Health And Delayed Comeback On “Radio Star”

“I’m nursing her with all my heart.” — Dawn

On a recent episode of MBC‘s Radio Star, Dawn appeared as a guest host where he talked about his girlfriend, HyunA‘s health condition, and delayed comeback.


Recently, HyunA put a halt to her activities and delayed her comeback due to health issues related to vasovagal syncope.

Regarding her condition, Dawn assured his fellow hosts that he’s taking good care of her.

I’m nursing her with all my heart.

— Dawn

But of course, the hosts mercilessly nagged Dawn to take care of himself, too.

I don’t know who’s supposed to be nursing who. You’re too pale.

— Ahn Young Mi

While Dawn recently made his comeback with “DAWNDIDIDAWN”, he shared that HyunA won’t be making a comeback anytime soon.

She’ll make her comeback once her health is stabilized.

— Dawn

But like the supportive girlfriend she is, HyunA apparently reacted in the coolest way when she found out Dawn would be the guest host on Radio Star.

When she found out I was going to be a guest host here, she said, ‘That’s dope.’

— Dawn

While everybody is anxiously waiting for HyunA’s comeback, it’s relieving to know that her well-being is in good hands.

| @hyojong_1994/Instagram

Get well soon, HyunA!

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