How Deep Do Symbols Go In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”? New Theories Surface About Young Woo’s Business Card

The whales are everywhere!

The fans of Extraordinary Attorney Woo seem to pick up on a new theory every day regarding the drama’s minute details hiding in plain sight. A few days ago, netizens were discussing how the revolving door in episode 1 predicted all of the major characters’ future dynamics. This time, the topic of discussion is Woo Young Woo’s business card.


In episode 5, Young Woo hands her business card to a client, but he leaves it on the table. In a close-up shot of the card, the last four digits of Young Woo’s contact number are seen to be 5252. According to some online theories, this “5252” has a special significance.

5252 seems to be a reference to the 52Hz whale, which is supposedly the loneliest whale in the world. While normal whales emit frequencies between 15 to 25 Hz, the usual frequency of the 52 Hz whale is, well, 52 Hz. This makes it unable to communicate with the other whales.

As of now, scientists are still trying to gather more information on the 52Hz whale | CGTN

Given that Young Woo’s obsession with whales is canonical, this detail is probably not accidental. Woo Young Woo, an autistic lawyer, fighting through the “normal” world to live and work like everyone else, finds great comfort in whales. It wouldn’t be far-reaching to assume that she would connect to the loneliness of the 52Hz whale and its inability to understand or be understood by members of the same species.

Though the theory is still just a theory, viewers are impressed by the way this show has taken care of even the most minor details to portray a well-rounded character of Woo Young Woo.

Source: Snaptime

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