[★BREAKING] Details About Yoochun’s Girlfriend Leaked By Media

Media broke the news that JYJ‘s Yoochun will be getting married to a non-celebrity girlfriend and have now released details about the alleged woman.

Yoochun has not been confirmed to be getting married, but media have already started leaking details about his wife-to-be. C-JeS Entertainment has stated that they will be looking into the rumors and confirm or deny details soon.

According to reports, the woman is the youngest daughter of Korean Food Corporation, Namyang Dairy‘s Founder. She is 27 years old while Yoochun is 30 years old.

The two met in September 2016 and will be getting married one month after Yoochun finishes his military service in September 2017. They will be having a closed wedding ceremony with only close friends and family.

“Yoochun’s bride-to-be was a close friend at first but their relationship progressed around the start of this year. Both of them recently decided to become a married couple.

Yoochun’s bride-to-be was next to Yoochun through thick and thin when he needed support. Through her support, Yoochun gained lots of strength and that’s how their relationship became closer.”

— Star News

The news of Yoochun’s marriage comes as a total surprise to most, as it follows one of the most controversial scandals the JYJ singer has had since debut. On June 10, 2016, Yoochun was accused of raping a woman while at an adult entertainment establishment.

Multiple women began to accuse him of rape following the first, with a total of 5 women coming forward. However, once the reports were investigated, it was revealed the first woman had lied and she was sentenced to jail time.

Soon afterward, Yoochun was declared completely innocent and cleared of all charges. He released a statement to the public afterward, through his agency.

Source: Star News