The Biggest Difference Between SHINee’s Key As A Soloist And As A SHINee Member, According To Key Himself

He’s amazing as a SHINee member and as a soloist!

SHINee‘s Key is an absolute legend both as a soloist and as a member of SHINee, and he’s able to show different sides of himself when he’s on stage alone than when he’s on stage with the SHINee members.

SHINee’s Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Whether he’s performing alone or with his members, Key’s beautiful voice, superb dancing skills, and gorgeous stage costumes capture fans’ attention. While his singing and dancing skills are the same as a member of SHINee and as a solo artist, Key’s aesthetic as a soloist is different from his aesthetic as a SHINee member.

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Key recently told Allure that the main difference between his aesthetic as a SHINee member and as a soloist comes down to the amount of experimentation he does with his looks.

| @5HINeeBrazilBr/Twitter

Key believes he has to be flashier, bolder, and edgier in order to fill up the entire stage by himself as a solo performer. As a result, he allows himself to explore a “wider spectrum” of hair, makeup, and fashion for his solo performances.

| @keyactiwitty/Twitter

As a SHINee member, Key strikes a fine balance between experimenting with his look and staying true to the image of him as SHINee’s Key that people already have in their heads.

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People have an image in their heads of who Key is in SHINee. I don’t try to break out of that too much. Of course, I try different styles, but I don’t venture out into someone completely different from who they know.


Although his styling choices may be different whether he’s performing alone or with the other SHINee members, we think Key’s performances are always absolutely electrifying!

Source: Allure