DJ Suga Has Some Opinions About BTS’s “JiJinJung” Radio Show

He switched from guest mode to DJ mode in seconds.

BTS‘s JiminJin, and Jungkook went from idols to radio hosts for a radio takeover, and Suga had something to say about it.

On July 26, “JiJinJung” hosted a special episode of BTS’s live audio-only broadcast, Honey FM 06.13 to make a big announcement. They broke the news about an all-English surprise single that is scheduled to drop on August 21.

In addition to this news, Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook also interviewed guests (their members) about what they’ve been up to lately. One of their guests was DJ Suga of Honey FM 06.13, aka Suga from BTS.

Even though DJ Suga was off the clock, he kept a very close eye on his job…

…and he made a funny observation about JiJinJung’s teamwork. When he pointed out their lack of communication, Jimin started giggling, unable to deny it.

Jin, on the other hand, playfully defended the JiJinJung chaos by calling it their “appeal”“That’s a concept,” Jungkook added.

“You’re just looking at the script,” Suga insisted, but he let it slide after Jimin elaborated on their channel’s concept.

The DJs have their own ways of hosting Honey FM, but every show is pure entertainment for ARMY. For more from this broadcast, read about Suga’s stress-relief method here or Jungkook’s English classes below.

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