Drag Queen And Longtime Orbit Kim Chi Offers To Help LOONA Amidst Disbandment Concerns

Kim Chi has been a fan since LOONA’s predebut days.

Following reports of Blockberry CreativeLOONA‘s company, facing massive financial difficultiesOrbits have looked far and wide for a way to support their favorite group. They reached out to American entrepreneur Elon Musk and even held a Twitter space to pray for LOONA. But no one was ready for Kim Chi to come through with an offer!

Korean-American drag queen, entrepreneur, TV personality, and makeup artist Kim Chi. | @kimchi_chic/Instagram

For some context, Kim Chi is a makeup artist and drag queen whose notable achievements include being the runner-up on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 and starting her own makeup line, Kim Chi Chic.

Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls. | @kimchi_chic/Instagram

As a Korean-American artist, Kim Chi takes a lot of inspiration from her family’s culture, as seen in her drag name and various performance outfits.

Kim Chi wearing a modernized hanbok. | @kimchi_chic/Instagram

Kim Chi is also a huge fan of K-Pop, specifically LOONA. One of her earliest tweets about LOONA contains the popular phrase “Stan LOONA” and is from May 2018, around 3 months before the group’s official debut.

Kim Chi even made an April Fool’s Day joke this year about LOONA disbanding, an unfortunate foreshadowing of the fandom’s current concerns.

In light of reports about Blockberry Creative’s financial troubles, Kim Chi tweeted out to LOONA urging them to check their emails, saying, “I can help y’all out!!!

Orbits were ecstatic to see Kim Chi chiming in on the matter and have supported her following her tweet. Some have even hypothesized what it would be like if Kim Chi became the head of LOONA’s company.

While it’s unclear whether Kim Chi’s tweet was made in earnest or just a way to humorously cope, there’s no denying that LOONA fans will do just about anything to prevent the group’s disbandment. Read about Blockberry Creative’s financial struggles and inability to pay their workers below.

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Source: Twitter