LOONA’s Choreographer Speaks Up About Not Being Paid By Blockberry Creative

She made it clear she only took the job for LOONA.

It was recently reported that LOONA‘s company, Blockberry Creative, was in the financial reds. According to a representative member of the industry, the company currently has not been able to pay multiple external companies that have worked with them. Reportedly, unpaid fees are estimated to be up to a few ₩100 million KRW (about $84,100 USD)

LOONA’s choreographer, Kim Hwa Young, spoke up about the matter on her personal Instagram. Along with a screenshot of the news of Blockberry Creative’s financial situation, she claimed that she had not been paid since 2020.

Firstly, keep up etiquette and give me (the pay) as much as I have worked. I proceeded with PTT (“Paint The Town”) despite not being paid for 2020. Please deposit the money after you check the drafts that I sent you carefully. You promised to make the deposit by September 30, today.

— Kim Hwa Young

She also wrote a separate post that detailed the matter and made sure to clarify that none of this was blamed on LOONA. In fact, she emphasized that she took the job because of LOONA.

I’m so sorry to all the dongsaengs in my choreography team who proceeded with the job while trusting in me until now. Please wait a little! And our pretty LOONA who always works hard! I took the job because of these “daughters” of mine. Even before promotions for PTT, they had not paid us yet but I was told that it would all be paid in August to September so I created the draft and proceeded with the choreography.

If the company doesn’t have money, then don’t spend any… I clearly asked you about the pay and it wasn’t even that much money. If anyone hears about this, they’d probably think that it was millions.

I’m so embarrassed, that I have to (pursue) such a small sum… But things got big because that small sum kept being delayed. How great would it have been if you paid things on time. It’s not like the kids promote that often, and it is only during promotions that expenses are occurred. Let’s not create a situation where we have to be at each other’s throats and please cleanly pay off all the fees including the Japanese promotions’ and wrap things up!

— Kim Hwa Young

For those that watch variety shows frequently, you may recognize Kim Hwa Young. She appeared as the choregrapher for many shows including Unnies! Slam Dunk prior.

Here’s to hoping Blockberry Creative sorts things out soon!

Source: Sports Khan