DSP Media Makes An Appeal And Sues Lee Hyunjoo Directly After Their Lawsuit Gets Rejected

Lee Hyunjoo is still signed on with the agency.

On June 8, DSP Media announced their plans to appeal the lawsuit they had filed against former APRIL member Lee Hyunjoo‘s ex-classmate, but also to sue Lee Hyunjoo directly.

Previously, the police reportedly rejected DSP Media’s lawsuit made against an alleged ex-classmate of Lee Hyunjoo. The agency filed a lawsuit against Lee Hyunjoo’s ex-classmate after they made allegations about Lee Hyunjoo getting bullied by her fellow APRIL members during her time with the girl group. In regards to these accusations, DSP Media sued the ex-classmate for defamation, slander, and the spread of false information, but it was not accepted by the court.

Former APRIL member, Lee Hyunjoo | DSP Media

In light of the recently rejected lawsuit, DSP Media announced that they would appeal to the court in order to hold someone responsible for the damage that has been caused.

The ex-classmate (A) heard about these alleged instances from Lee Hyunjoo directly, as well as through the dozens of articles that were making headlines at the time. ‘A’ was able to create posts based off of the provided articles and spread more false information. We decided to appeal because we believe ‘A’ spread false information and there is no proof that the content of ‘A’s’ posts are true. The appeal is currently in progress.

In order to further identify the person responsible for the spread of false information, we have also decided to file a lawsuit against the person directly involved (Lee Hyunjoo) with the hopes that an investigation will be conducted.

— DSP Media representative

| DSP Media

Back in February, a netizen claiming to be Lee Hyunjoo’s younger brother uploaded a post titled “Lee Hyunjoo’s bullying,” which spread quickly on numerous online communities. The post shared details about Lee Hyunjoo’s time with the group, stating that “She was severely harassed and bullied in the group.” This was later concluded as the real reason behind her departure from APRIL.

Following this post, someone posing as an ex-classmate of Lee Hyunjoo posted another upload that confirmed all of Lee Hyunjoo’s alleged younger brother’s accusations. The ex-classmate also alleged that the former APRIL member left the team due to the bullying and harassment she endured.

Girl group APRIL, Lee Hyunjoo on bottom left | DSP Media

Lee Hyunjoo confirmed the bullying allegations a few months later by confessing that she was bullied from, “Before our debut in 2014 all the way to 2016 when I left the group.” DSP Media, APRIL members, and APRIL members’ siblings have since vehemently denied the accusations.

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