The East Light’s Lee Seokcheol Reveals Disturbing Images Of Abuse and Assault

All members were minors when the abuse took place.

The East Light’s leader, Lee Seokcheol, held a press conference on October 19th to explain the reports of abuse and assault the band endured.

The East Light’s Leader Lee Seokcheol Holds Tell-All Press Conference on Band’s Abuse and Assault

The issue became a bigger deal as Lee Seokcheol and his younger brother Lee Seunghyun are in their 3rd year and 1st year of high school respectively and the other members of the group are also all minors. Considering the fact that the abuse has been going on for 4 years, some of the members were still only in elementary and middle school.


Lee Seokcheol revealed that his younger brother is still suffering from the trauma of assault and to this day, still says things like “Please save me” during his sleep.

According to the idol, Lee Seunghyun’s trauma is so severe that he has continued to receive psychological treatment for it.


Producer Moon Young Il’s assault was committed using various objects that included baseball bats, iron bar mops and mic stands.


The members were beaten with these objects for various reasons. Lee Seokcheol revealed that one time, all 6 members were hit multiple times with a baseball bat because they hadn’t reported to the producer when they went out to eat.


In another shocking incident, the producer had tied a 5.5 guitar cable on Lee Seokcheol’s neck and tightened it to the point where he couldn’t breathe when he made mistakes during practice. He stated that he received bruises and scars on his neck due to the incident.


In another instance, the producer ordered one of the members to hide the CCTV camera when severely beating the youngest member of the group who was only 12 years old at the time.


In order to hide his crime, the producer shut all the blinds and ordered all the members to stay in a push-up position, hitting them with a baseball bat over 20 times.


The idol continued to explain that although all members endured a terrible experience, it was the most difficult for the youngest member: “Because he was so young, it was the first time he’d been beaten so severely. He even went to the bathroom to vomit.”

Even after the member came back from vomiting in the restroom, the producer did not stop his beating.


As more details into the case are being revealed, a government petition has been filed calling for attention to the child abuse case, with the petition currently having 184,216 signatures, more than double the figure the from previous day.

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