ENHYPEN’s Jay Showcases His True Personality With Second Apology For Remarks Made About Korean History, Gaining Praise From Fans

He’s making ENGENE proud.

After his remarks about Korean history drew criticism, ENHYPEN‘s Jay has again come forward with an apology.


In a live stream earlier this month, Jay was discussing history with Sunghoon when he made comments that appeared to insinuate that Korea doesn’t have much history compared to other countries.

He naturally apologized straightway and admitted his wrongdoing, saying, “This wasn’t a topic that I should have spoken on with my limited knowledge.”

Hello, this is ENHYPEN’s Jay.
Today I was shocked at the fans’ response after the livestream. No matter the reason, I sincerely apologize for making ENGENEs feel uncomfortable. My remarks about a topic as important as Korea’s history were careless and based solely on my personal impressions. This wasn’t a topic that I should have spoken on with my limited knowledge. This incident reminded me that I still have so much to learn. Although it wasn’t my intention to belittle our proud history, I feel viewers could have felt this way, and this was my wrongdoing. I am sorry. From now on, I will be more careful and study more so that I become an artist ENGENEs can be proud of. I am constantly learning so much from you guys.
Thank you.

— Jay

Despite his apology, he still continued to face backlash from Korean netizens. Yet, ENGENEs have shown unwavering support for him, even more so after his second apology.

Proving his genuineness, Jay reported that he has continued to reflect on his actions and stated that his last apology was “lacking.” He apologized to his members and to ENGENE, saying that he is not “good enough.”

| Weverse via @lhsvibes/Twitter

ENGENEs couldn’t help but disagree. Jay was praised for his commitment to improving himself…

…with fans warmly supporting him by trending #YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.

After all, as ENGENEs pointed out, Jay has always been the one who provides them with comfort and reassurance.

Jay has certainly made his fans proud by showing his true personality: someone who takes responsibility for himself and always embraces every opportunity for growth!


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