Tablo Recalls The “Complete Train Wreck” Festival That Epik High Attended…And The One Good Thing That Came Out Of It

It was worse behind the scenes.

Epik High made headlines last year when they spoke up about the terrible treatment artists and fans experienced at KAMP LOS ANGELES. A two-day event held from October 15-16 at the Rose Bowl Stadium, it featured artists such as T1419, Super Junior, and MOMOLAND.

Several disorganized aspects about the concert were mentioned, namely the distant fanmeeting and behind the scenes problems with getting the groups to LA which resulted in lineup changes. Tablo called out the organizers online and on stage, saying they experienced a “crazy” series of events behind the scenes.

There are times in your life where you feel like everything is going to s**t—where you feel like all the plans you made…all the hopes you had… no matter how well organized and prepared in advance; don’t matter because it’s not in your control. There are times in your life where you don’t always get what you want and it breaks your heart… I’m sure none of you know what I’m talking about. I am sure none of you experienced even a little bit of that this weekend…I’m just saying this because we personally have experienced crazy, crazy days in our life. And all those moments are a reminder that despite it all, we are here!

— Tablo

He mentioned it once again in a new interview with NME when he talked about their newest album Strawberry. It was made in the midst of the chaos that was KAMP LOS ANGELES, an event so bad that Tablo likened it to the failed Fyre Festival which was considered a logistical nightmare.

We were in LA for this festival that was a complete train wreck – it was like Fyre Fest with K-pop, I’m not kidding.

— Tablo

After the conclusion of KAMP LOS ANGELES, Epik High was recovering from the “psychological shock” that they went through. They decided to make the most of their time and meet other artists.

We did that, and then we had a few days off and I think the psychological shock of what we had just been through, of the train wreck [made us feel] ‘We don’t even want to hang out, what are we going to do here? We’ve got a few days, maybe we’ll meet some musicians’.

— Tablo

It became a blessing in disguise. The trio was so inspired by their fellow musicians, they were able to make an astounding 16 songs in a handful of days, breaking their previous promise to only release short albums.

And then we hung out with some musicians and we ended up making music and made about 16 songs in three days: ‘Oh god, here we go again.’

— Tablo

Epik High’s fans, on the other hand, were ecstatic that they were being given more songs once again. They also liked the change in their sound which they thought was refreshing.

Our fans have been saying that it sounds very different from what we usually do. It sounds more current, it sounds more laidback and fun. I like it a lot, actually.

— Tablo

Check out their video for Strawberry below.

Source: NME