Episode Of “Docuplex” On The Late Sulli No Longer Available For View

You can no longer watch the documentary officially.

The post-humous documentary that was meant to be both closure and tribute to the beautiful yet tragic story of the late Sulli has recently been at the center of issue and debate. Not only has it turned Sulli’s family and friends against each other, it has also unleashed public scorn upon her ex-boyfriend, Choiza.

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Due to the huge issues that it has dug up, the public began to wonder if the documentary was the right move to begin with. It was then reported that the episode focused on Sulli would be taken off pay-per-view and reruns. The official YouTube channel has also taken down clips from the episode.

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Although there are still clips of the episode circulating online and on social media, MBC has taken the appropriate measures with regards to broadcast, in order to reconsider the ramifications of the show. Choiza’s social media has been overrun with malicious comments and critique.

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Docuplex‘s PD, Lee Hyun Mo, told XSports News in a phone interview, that due to the complexities of things that transpired, it is wrong to blame Sulli’s passing wholly on a singular person such as Choiza and ask for them to take responsibility. I hope that no more negative talks about Choiza will occur.

Docuplex continues to run every Thursday at 10.40pm KST, with other topics at its center. It is to be advised whether the episode, “Why did people find Sulli so problematic?” will be restored for air at a later date nor not.

Source: XSports News