EVERGLOW Fans Are Elated As Yiren Returns From Her 10-Month Hiatus

They’re also working on a collaboration single!

Back in January, EVERGLOW‘s label Yuehua Entertainment concerned fans with the announcement that member Yiren would be returning to China until the end of February and taking a hiatus from group activities.

Yiren (EVERGLOW) | Yuehua Entertainment

She was said to be taking the time to focus on her education and reconnect with her family, who she hadn’t seen since before the pandemic. While fans were glad that Yiren was being allowed such opportunities, it immediately led to concerns that she would end up leaving EVERGLOW completely.

It’s not uncommon for Chinese K-Pop idols to end up leaving their groups mid-contract, so despite reassurances from Yuehua Entertainment that Yiren would be returning at the end of February, fans were still understandably worried about her future with EVERGLOW.

Concerns only grew when Yiren didn’t return to South Korea at the end of February, and her hiatus continued long past its original ending period. During this time, she also appeared on various Chinese variety shows and dance competitions, making her permanent departure from EVERGLOW seem even more likely.

However, EVERGLOW fans can relax now, because earlier today, Yiren was spotted at the Incheon Airport, signaling her return after a 10-month hiatus!

Her return comes just after EVERGLOW announced a collaboration project with TheFatRat. They plan to release the song “Ghost Light” on November 18, making it their first comeback since “Pirate” came out nearly a year ago.

Fans are expressing their excitement and relief for Yiren’s return on social media.

We’re so excited to see what EVERGLOW has planned for fans in the near future!