EVERGLOW’s Yiren And Sihyeon Test Positive For The Coronavirus

They are now in quarantine.

EVERGLOW‘s Yiren and Sihyeon have been confirmed to have tested positive for the Coronavirus.


Yuehua Entertainment made the official announcement via EVERGLOW’s official Twitter account late at night on December 1.

Hello, this is Yuehua Entertainment.

Our company artist, EVERGLOW’s Yiren, has received a positive confirmation of the Coronavirus.

She recently received the notice that her acquaintance was a confirmed case, and visited the health center to get tested as well. Her positive diagnosis was confirmed on December 1.

The EVERGLOW members all got tested as well, since they are living together. EVERGLOW member Shiyeon also tested positive, and the remaining four members tested negative.

The artists, employees, and staff who had overlapping paths and contact with the members either already have or will be undergoing Covid tests, and as soon as the results are in, we will take follow-up measures and conduct additional contact tracing if necessary.

Sihyeon and Yiren, who tested positive, will be following the guidelines set by the health authorities. Although the remaining members tested negative, both them and the staff who were in close contact with Sihyeon and Yiren will self-quarantine for two weeks.

We will actively cooperate with the government’s policies to conduct sanitation measures in the entire company and minimize risk of transmission and further infection, and we will do our best to continually manage our artists.

We apologize for causing concern to everyone.

— Yuehua Entertainment

An exclusive report from Dailian stated that the EVERGLOW members crossed paths with a confirmed Coronavirus patient on November 22. However, two days later, EVERGLOW participated in the recording for KBS‘s You Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook, November 24. Due to the confirmed case, all of the artists and staff who appeared on the show are planning to get tested. The guests for the episode’s recording were TEENTOP, Gummy, Joo Hyunmi, and Kim Hyeon Cheol.


Yiren and Sihyeon are the latest idols to test positive for the Coronavirus, following UP10TION‘s Kogyeol and Bitto.