Netizens Find Irrefutable Evidence That “Single’s Inferno” Song Ji A Lied In A Chanel Unboxing Video

Earlier, her agency claimed that Ji A had never lied.

Netflix star, beauty creator and social media influencer, Song Ji A was swept up into controversy when netizens began accusing her of using imitation luxury goods. Although Ji A uploaded a handwritten apology, the controversy continues. Most recently, her agency CEO stepped up with an official statement to clarify the matter. The agency CEO claimed that Ji A had never tried to pass off fake goods as real and that Ji A had no malicious intent. It was also stated that all currently still uploaded content were of real goods.

Ji A has never tried to appear like a rich person who only buys luxury goods. The company has also never tried to make her look like a rich person. Ji A has never tried to introduce fake goods as real. Currently, the videos and photos remaining are all of real goods. We can prove it all.

— Hyowon C&C CEO, Kim Hyo Won

However, netizens have recently uncovered a still uploaded video of Ji A’s Chanel classic bag. While netizens were already suspicious about the bag, they previously had no conclusive evidence until a pro stepped up. Ji A had insisted the bag she purchased was a small sized Chanel Classic Flap bag. Although even 2 years ago, her viewers had told her the bag was a medium one, Ji A insisted that it was a small size.

I finally got my hands on the Chanel Classic Small that I’ve been waiting for, for so long. It’s way more luxurious in real life and it can’t be caught on camera. I want to share this luxuriousness with everyone. Then, good bye! I’ll love you for subscribing, liking and leaving comments. I’m reading all the comments and thank you so much to those who commented. Have a good day.

— Ji A

When a viewer pointed out that the price she named was for the medium size, Ji A refuted.

  • Viewer: ₩6.52 million KRW (about $5,490 USD) is the price for medium. I think you’ll have to correct it.
  • Ji A: It’s correct that I bought the small size~
  • Viewer: Before the price raise, small was ₩5.60 million KRW (about $4,710 USD) and medium was [6520000[/krw] while large is ₩7.26 million KRW (about $6,110 USD). And unless it’s a seasonal color, black small is almost never stocked in Korea~
  • Other viewer: Ugh, she herself bought it and said it’s small, why are you pretending to be a know-it-all.

While it could have been a pure misunderstanding and she might have forgotten the size she purchased, Ji A claimed to have purchased it from the department store in Busan…

…and proudly claimed she paid ₩6.52 million KRW (about $5,490 USD) for the bag. A whole two years later, at the peak of her controversy, a knowledgeable netizen left a telling comment on the video.

According to the netizen, the most telling sign that the bag was a fake was from the booklet that Ji A flipped through at the start of the unboxing.

| theqoo

For products bought in store, the purchaser’s name and ID number would have been filled in on the first page of the booklet. This is as each Chanel bag is registered to a customer’s identity. While some may defend Ji A and claim that it could be a second hand product, most customers would prefer to have the pricey bag registered under their name for official purposes and warranty issues. Even if it was a second hand good, the customer’s name should have been registered on the booklet.

The booklet in question, from Ji A’s unboxing video. | FREE지아/ YouTube

The page was also missing a few very important pieces of information, such as date of purchase, serial number and a boutique stamp. Furthermore, Ji A had claimed that she received the bag through postage from the boutique itself. However, in Korea, Chanel only offers delivery services to VVIP customers.

With that, many fans have expressed their disappointment in Ji A for her video. The video is still up on her channel and can be viewed below.

Source: theqoo

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