EXID’s Hani Offers Her Sincere Advice To Idol “Hoobaes” CIIPHER Hyunbin And Keita

Wise words from an experienced “sunbae.”

On a recent episode of SKY & SBS2‘s Soo Mi’s Mountain Cabin, EXID‘s Hani offered her sincere advice to her idol hoobaes, CIIPHER‘s Hyunbin, and Keita.

As an idol with extensive experience in the industry, Hani brought up the topic of the relationship they have between members.

How is it going between members? Do you get along?

— Hani

She then went on to share what she and her fellow members talked about when they first debuted, which was to always have each other’s back no matter what happens.


According to Hani, the members made a promise to each other about how they would work together to succeed as a group.

When we first debuted, we promised, ‘Our pie is small right now. So our bellies aren’t full, but let’s not fight over that. Let’s grow our pie together. Let’s grow it so that we can all have a share and feel full.’

— Hani

EXID’s fame skyrocketed through their hit song “UP & DOWN.”

And although they inevitably moved to different agencies, they’re known for keeping their loyalty toward each other.

And in hopes that CIIPHER stays loyal to each other as well, Hani offered her wise words of advice as a trusty sunbae.

Here’s wishing CIIPHER a long and successful career together!

Source: Dispatch