EXID’s Hani Hesitates To Speak About Departure From Banana Culture Entertainment At Recent Showcase

She fumbled for words.

EXID‘s Hani recently spoke about her departure from Banana Culture Entertainment at EXID’s latest showcase.

Banana Culture Entertainment recently announced that EXID’s Hani and Jeonghwa will not be renewing their contracts with the agency when it expires at the end of May. They also clarified, however, that this does not mean EXID is disbanding.


EXID will continue to promote as a 5-member group for the upcoming year for their Japan promotions. The members also stated at their recent showcase that they have no intentions to disband as a group.

We do not have any intention of disbanding our team. We are still discussing it amongst ourselves and are making an effort so that we can continue into the future.



During the interview when Hani was asked the question about why she did not renew her contract with the agency, she was very hesitant to speak and stuttered through her answer. Reports even claimed that she seemed to be on the verge of tears.



Eventually, LE spoke up and stated that discussions were still taking place.

We have been discussing amongst the members in relation to the contract. During this process, we are understanding, loving and acknowledging each other. Our discussions are still ongoing.

ㅡ LE


Jeonghwa also stated that there are various reasons for their decision to leave the agency and that they will announce more in the future.

There are many reasons for our different decisions. We plan to announce more about the reason why we did not renew our contract after figuring things out with the agency.

ㅡ Jeonghwa


Meanwhile, EXID released their 5th mini album, WE, on May 15th and is expected to begin promotions with their comeback track ME & YOU.


Source: YTN