EXID’s Solji Called The Police Because A Drunk Hyelin Suddenly Disappeared—Here’s What Happened

She had never felt so terrified before.

Girl group EXID recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary, and they gifted fans with the best present ever—a comeback! After the release of their title track “FIRE,” they guested on variety show Weekly Idol where they performed the song and answered interview questions.


Solji also shared an interesting and hair-raising story involving fellow member Hyelin.

Solji | @soul.g_heo/Instagram
Hyelin | @hyeliniseo/Instagram

According to the leader, she and Hyelin drank alcohol in a restaurant one night and continued to drink at her house.

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After some time, she called a driver to pick Hyelin up and bring her home.

After I drank with Hyelin at a restaurant, we continued drinking at my place. Then, I called a driver for her. So she went out, and I thought she had gone home safely.

— Solji

The driver got in touch with her ten minutes after Hyelin left and broke the horrifying news: she had never showed up at the meetup point just outside. And true to his words, when she went outside to check for herself, she was nowhere to be found. In her worry, she called the police and asked them to allow her to check the CCTV.

But the driver called. He said he’d come to the location, but she wasn’t there yet. I told him it had been ten minutes. So I went out to the car but she was nowhere to be found. She was nowhere. I was really scared. I went, ‘Hyelin!‘ I kept looking for her.

I called the police. It was a big deal. I called and said, ‘My friend was supposed to go home but disappeared.’ I asked if they could come and let me check the CCTV. So, they came, and we checked.

— Solji

The police arrived at her house and they quickly checked the CCTV footage. What they found made her feel both relief and frustration—Hyelin had ignored the driver and taken a taxi home instead.

And she took a taxi home! I called a driver for her, but she took a taxi instead.

— Solji

In Hyelin’s defense, she didn’t intend to cause her to worry. She recalled what happened the morning after. Police had vigorously knocked on her door and informed her that Solji had called them the previous night.

Drunk, she had forgotten her phone in Solji’s apartment and tried to make her way back to retrieve it. But because of how much alcohol she drank, she couldn’t remember Solji’s unit number and decided instead to call a taxi, completely forgetting that Solji had called a driver for her.

I woke up the next day and saw police officers in front of my house. They said Solji called the police. So, had I not opened the door, they were going to break it open. Fortunately, I opened the door for them and tried to recall what had happened. I left my phone at her home. I tried to go back to her home but couldn’t remember where it was. I forgot the unit number.

— Hyelin

It was an honest mistake and she learned the hard way that excessive drinking can cause accidents! Finally, Solji’s actions that night proved that she would do anything to make sure Hyelin was safe and sound. She’s the type of friend that everyone should have.

| @soul.g_heo/Instagram
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