EXO’s Chanyeol Receives Backlash For Promoting Zico’s Album

Netizens are voicing their concerns about Zico’s rumors.

EXO‘s Chanyeol is currently under fire for promoting new music by his friend, Block B‘s Zico.


On September 30, Zico unveiled his 5-track studio album, THINKING Part. 1, along with two music videos, “Daredevil” and “Human”.


Chanyeol posted the album art from THINKING Part. 1 on his Instagram to show support, but some netizens aren’t happy about it, due to the rumors surrounding Zico and Jung Joon Young‘s scandal.

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정말 멋있는 사람의 Thinking Part.1 @woozico0914

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Back in 2016, Zico revealed that Jung Joon Young had a secret “golden phone” that he only used for KakaoTalk. This golden phone was rumored to be the same phone Jung Joon Young used to share illegal sex videos through group chats.


In response to these rumors, Zico asserted that the “golden phone” he referred to had nothing to do with this case. He posted the following statement on Instagram to clarify the matter. Even so, rumors about his connection to the case have persisted.

The phone that I mentioned on the show had nothing to do with this unfortunate case. All I saw on that phone was a list of phone numbers, and I haven’t contacted Jung Joon Young on a personal level in a very long time. Please don’t make any rash assumptions, and regarding the malicious comments and spreading of false information, I will take strong actions against them.


A song from Zico’s new album recently brought Zico back under scrutiny. Some listeners claim that the following lyrics from “Extreme” reference the scandal: “I’ve never seen a video like that, swear to God.”


Under the circumstances, some of Chanyeol’s fans are unhappy about his decision to support Zico.


Others are coming to both Chanyeol’s and Zico’s defense, stating that rumors are rumors, not fact.